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Tacos Tuesdays
Chips & Salsa  3.00

Spicy Pork Tostada  4.00

Mexican Corn Cup 4.00
Mini Funditos   7.00
Quesadilla   8.00
Cheese Crisp  7.00
Green Pork Nacho  8.00
Macho Nachos  8.00


​3 Chef Inspired Tacos 12.99
Ask your Server for Chef Selection 
(No Substitutions)

Coconut Shrimp Tacos 12.99
Coconut fried Shrimp with chipotle mayo, mango pineapple slaw and topped with guacamole.

Steak vampiro tacos 12.99
Double corn tortillas stuffed with Oaxaca cheese, grilled steak, chipotle mayo, guacamole and pico.

Topped with pickled onions.

All above served 3 tacos to an order. 
Can Not Mix and Match Tacos

Ala Carte Tacos

Ground Beef 2.75
Ground Beef, crispy shell, lettuce, tomato & cheese 

Spicy Pork 3.25
Spicy Pork, corn tortilla, lettuce, tomato & cheese

Chicken 3.25
Chicken, flour tortilla, lettuce, tomato & cheese 

Baja Fish 5.00
Beer battered Cod, flour tortilla with Baja sauce, lettuce, & pico de gallo

Order any 3 Tacos and add 
Beans & Rice for $2


Green Pork Burrito 9.99
Tender braised Pork in Savory Green Sauce, rolled in a flour tortilla, and smothered with green sauce & cheddar jack cheese, then topped with sour cream. Served with beans, rice and salsa.

Pollo Fundido 10.99
Chimichanga filled with seasoned Chicken and deep fried. Topped with a delicious  creamy jalapeño cream sauce and cheddar jack cheese. Served with beans & rice

Taco Salad 9.00
Chicken, Ground Beef or Spicy Pork on fresh mixed greens with cheese, tomato, black olive, jalapeño, green chilies, green onion, sour cream 
& guacamole. Served in a crispy tortilla shell with house made salsa.

super queso nachos 9.00

Combination of our famous Queso dip, Oaxaca & Cheddar Jack cheese, topped with pico, avocado crema, pickled onion and a charred Serrano pepper.

Shredded Chicken rolled in a corn tortilla and fried crispy. Served over a roasted tomato salsa and topped with avocado crema,

cotija cheese, lime slaw, pickled onion and salsa verde.


Crispy tortilla chips tossed with green pork chili, topped with avocado, pico, pickled onion, Oaxaca cheese, rice & beans


Grilled citrus & Chile marinated chicken, sautéed corn, zucchini, peppers with Spanish rice, black beans and pepper jack cheese topped with pico, avocado and pickled onions.

Don't Forget $5 House Margaritas - All Day Long!