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​​​Happy Hour
11am - 6pm  Monday - Saturday

Well  $3.50
Wine  $4.50

Domestic Bottles         $2.50
Domestic Pint  16oz     $2.50
Domestic Large  22oz  $4.25
Craft Beer Pint   16oz   $4.75

Happy Hour Munchies
3pm - 6pm  Monday - Saturday


Chips & Salsa

Garlic Parmesan Fries


Mini Funditos               
Chicken Strips & Fries   

Mini ConQueso               

Beef Nachos                    

Wisco Poutine                  

Thai Chicken Skewers     

Loaded Potato Skins       

Hummus & Pita


10" Cheese Pizza

Cheese Burger & Fries

10 Wings            

Casey Jones Grill had been Serving up Great Food & Fun!​

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